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Hello all,

we had a really pleasant stay at Akya this summer, the complex is really good, and all the employees really kind and helpfull. Special greetings to Mikael, Hairi and Murut (I hope I wrote all the names correctly) from the bar for the great times.
Adı Soyadı : Kevin de Rijk      Tarih : 19-07-2009

Bı Daha Gelsem Bı daha AKYA aPP !
Adı Soyadı : İLKER AKKILIK      Tarih : 03-07-2009

Hello, how are you?
we were at your hotel in october 2008, for 2 weeks, and we liked it very much,
we are coming 15 september, is Habib stiil working there?
and the man who married with a dutch girl?
and can we have the room we have past year?
i think it was 203.
tank you, and see you at september.
Henk and Ankie
Adı Soyadı : Henk en Ankie      Tarih : 13-05-2009

Bu inanılmaz bir otel ve az gürültü ve hassas oda ile sessiz otel olduğunu, geri yaz geliyor. Sizin mutlu Norveççe Konuk:)
Adı Soyadı : Vetle      Tarih : 15-04-2009

Hello everybody !

How are you ? we miss you all very much and we look very forward to see you al again at october first when we come to "our seccond home" again.

Many many sweet regards,
Ben,Rudy,Tim and me.
Adı Soyadı : Elsje      Tarih : 27-02-2009

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